More sea related…

More sea related…

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The Lady Of Disquiet

As a net the phase of you
romantic heaps of that which you are
possessed in your pose, sitting over books
and poems about sea, I’ve spotted you
across the street – there under the shade
of days and the sticky grumbles of time

I chose not to fathom you, sensing good
those eyes fused to bulges and bends in the thick
of my blissful dreams, there was plight in your blood too
and it tainted and tingled electric my salty lips
such a killer slice this cut of color
in a vision of sickness and health

What was it you pondered upon, eyes frozen
to the firmament of the page, meantime words
clouds of comfort or mists of pain, questions
I throw to this the idea of a raised glass to you
my lowered head to you, my laboured song
to you

And as the sun leaves your pallid face in shadow
the world seems to make room for just one more night
of prayer being squeezed from the void of your love
the knot of your heart, lullaby of your sleep
the clumsy way you forget
the road on which we meet

Copyright © Graeme Perrin 2023

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